Sacred Heart Church lies on the busy Kingston Road,  just between Fairfax Road and Wick Road, on the right as one heads towards Kingston. Thousands of people see it every day, from their bus journeys,  their cars.

Between this outside world of human bustle and busy-ness and the inner peace of the church building lies the award winning front garden. In summer it’s an oasis of greenery, color and peace.  (Hose pipe bans permitting and under the care of Head Gardener Catherine Ridler and the gardening team).

Visiting priest Fr Robert McCullough tells a wonderful story of seeing people look in on summer mornings and bless themselves as they pass by and catch sight of morning mass framed by the garden, and the open doors. Like the church, the garden is part of the community and it’s for everyone.

helping with the church gardensPlease contact Catherine Ridler or Fr Reg if you’d like to help keep it looking this good.

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