An invitation to stop and get quiet in God’s presence in holy week 2016

In these troubled and unsettling times, we all experience sorrow, frustration, confusion, and often helplessness at the horrors on our doorsteps and across the world, seemingly delivered daily through our TV screens in recent weeks and months.

Sacred Heart Church in Teddington invites you in this holy week to do something beautiful for those caught up in troubles,  for your loved ones, for yourself and for God.

Stop, quieten, pray, in church or join the outdoor services created by Churches Together in Teddington on the ‘green triangle’ in Teddington on Good Friday.  Fr Reg says the more we put into this beautiful holy week time, the more we receive, many times over. Many of us know from our own private experiences that he is right. But don’t take our word for it.

If you haven’t been to mass for a while, or never, don’t worry: come anyway. There are many services going on. At our Sacred Heart Church on Kingston Road, come and be uplifted by the beautiful music at the Mass of the Lord’s supper on Holy Thursday night, and the peace of the vigil at the alter of repose afterward, by the timeless story of the Lord’s passion and the veneration of the Cross at the Solemn Good Friday service, by the healing words of hope, love, forgiveness and reconciliation for a hurting world at the joyful services on Easter Saturday night and Easter sunday morning. More than ever it’s needed, this Easter message for all.

Holy week Holy week 2016 services